e-People is focused on creating long-term, scalable solutions for our clients by building relationships between outstanding virtual talent and companies around the world.


Digital Sales Representatives
Digital natives manage and close sales using digital sales channels including but not limited to facebook, instagram, linkedin, other online marketplaces and advertising management.
Accountants and bookkeeeping specialists
Our Accountants and bookkeppers are degreed profesionals with veriying levels of experience in all aspects of internal accounting including management of account payables, recivables, bank account reconciliation, cost accounting, and the preparation of financial statements.
Business Development Specialists

Our BDM’s are business development gurus and strategic thinkers with a proved track record in helping businesses scale and grow. If requiered we source talent with specific industry knowledge.

Executives and general
administrative aids

Our virtual assistants provide different levels of support including managing email, scheduling calls and meetings, project management, and perform any other tasks that our clients need.
Customer Service Representatives
Our CSR´s are experienced customer service representatives with impeccable English and excelent people skills. They are natural problem solvers and demostrate the right level of empathy in any given situation.
Bloggers and Copywriters
Build a team of content generators that adhere to specific SEO, Sales, PR, Commercial or Legal structures and grow your digital content assets.

Project & Operations

Our PM´s are process oriented individuals that can help our clients lead a team virtualy, manage and organize projects; track KPI’s and other performance indicators.
Spanish/English interpretors and translators
English/Spanish Profesional translator and interpreters for technical, legal or financial documents; as well as live events or meetings


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Vertically integrated virtual staffing solutions from a company with over 25 years of proven experience in placing highly qualified individuals with our ideal clients.

We offer all-inclusive monthly, quarterly, or annual fee agreements, our we can detail and customize a proposal for your specific needs.

Our fees schedule is transparent and direct. We do not have hidden fees.

We are employers of record in all of the countries where we have an office. The virtual talent that you would hire through e-People are actual employees and not independent contractors. We comply with all local laws related to employment and our employees receive full benefits including pay time off and health insurance.

You don't need extra office space.

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Save on office furniture

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100% guarantee of compliance with all local employment laws and taxes

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